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Specializing in Converting Complex Documentation into All Structured Formats

Since its founding in 1981, Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) has remained faithful to its guarantee to construct unparalleled electronic document conversion services based on a rich legacy of superior customization and exceptional quality. DCL is a leading US-based organization that currently operates one of the most advanced facilities of its kind, with extensive capabilities to capture data from text from virtually any computer medium and format, as well as from paper and microfilm, and reformat it to fit a client's emergent needs.

DCL provides a world-class mix of services, software, and conversion outsourcing to a broad range of industries such as publishing, aerospace and transportation, defense, government agencies, manufacturing, telecommunications, technology, professional societies and services, and institutions. Our services include:

DCL actively participates in the numerous industry association and standards committee groups such as:

  • Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
  • Book Interchange Tag Suite (BITS) Group
  • DITA Awareness Group
  • Digital Conversion (DigiConv) Group
  • Drug Information Association (DIA)
  • NISO Working Group
  • S1000D Land Working Group
  • S1000D Users Group
  • Structured Product Labeling Working Group (SPL WG)
  • US Specification Implementation Group (USSIG)
  • US Specification Management Group (USSMG)
  • XML-in-Practice Group
  • XML/XSL Group
  • XML and Related Technologies Network
  • XML Interchange Structure Working Group at the National Library of Medicine

Specializing in highly complex projects, our exceptional people coupled with sophisticated technology and proven methodology position DCL as the leader in providing uncompromised quality 100% of the time.

Our reputation is built on it!

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