Digitize. Monetize. Futurize. Solve Business Problems with Content.


Digitize. Monetize. Futurize. Solve Business Problems with Content.

Free Your Content from Legacy Limitations

Fresh content available in many outputs can give you the opportunity to leap ahead of the competition in highly aggressive technology and manufacturing industries. Move from old-fashioned, outdated content and hard-to-manage collections, and open up potentially untapped markets and revenue channels with a well-planned content conversion. DCL offers solutions and a proven methodology to help you identify quick wins and long-term solutions. We partner with you, from getting a sampling of your content online, to deep analysis, to testing and improving the process. All of which allow you see initial Return-On-Investment (ROI) and reduce rework time and cost later on.

We help you analyze your content environment and make sense of the data using our proven process and team of professionals with vast experience across industries and the commitment to meet your unique needs. We specialize in automating the conversion and quality control (QC) processes, and uncovering surprising ways to automate content management. That includes converting data from any source format—hard copy, PDF, or older markup languages —so that you get the right content to the right device at the right time for your customers.

DCL offers digital publishing solutions that address the needs of a diverse universe of technology services and manufacturers such as:

  • Components
  • Computing
  • Internet
  • Optics
  • Photonics
  • Semiconductors
  • Software
  • Systems
  • Telecommunications

Go From Zero to Digital in No Time with Custom Implementation and Automation

DCL works with your content teams and other cross-functional stakeholders to examine source materials and learn what you need to do with them to meet business goals. Is it printed paper that needs to be scanned and optimized? Does it include PowerPoint training decks and separate narration files? Is it stored as SGML, but needs to be delivered in S1000D and independently audited?

After a thorough analysis of your content and needs, DCL applies a hub-and-spoke process model (shown below) and our Harmonizer™ service will identify re-use opportunities.

We work closely with you to fully automate quality assurance (QA), even matching QA processes to your company style guide, and checking for details like hyphenation. But to ensure the accuracy of inventories, tags, and text, we also perform manual spot checks. Our ability to manage projects and systems on-shore ensures on-time, accurate delivery of projects that can scale to meet future demands.

Increase Turn Time, Reduce Costs, and Repurpose Structured Content in Multiple Places

Many companies mistakenly assume that data management and conversion must be a high-budget undertaking that requires a large staff. In fact, with the right plan and the right partner, companies of any size can achieve business objectives and successfully digitize content assets finding new revenue sources.

We work with you to digitize paper documents and improve digital assets with defined standards, such as XML, to keep the content separate from its formatting and storage (both of which change too frequently to keep up otherwise). When you produce structured, modular content, it can serve multiple purposes, from standard technical documentation to knowledge bases to mobile learning content. And that increases opportunities to monetize, not just reduce costs.

Retooling your content for competitive advantage requires more than “one and done” data conversion. DCL provides training to give your content teams the skills and confidence to create and structure new content going forward. We also help you plan your efforts to communicate the benefits early and often of converting and getting your content future-ready.

Release your content from outdated formats without breaking your budget. Contact DCL to help you analyze, structure, and share digitized content assets with untapped markets.




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