DCL/Configuration & Conversion of Catalog & Parts Data

Populate Databases, eCommerce Platforms & Back-End Systems

DCL is the market leader in providing digitization services for loading catalog and parts data into web portals, database and ecommerce platforms, configurators, master data management (MDM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other back-end systems. Database solutions are particularly important for industry and manufacturers of all types who need to manage and monetize large product inventories including specific attribute information while supporting channel partners and various other external sales outlets.

Our high-quality digitization solution is managed through a hybrid mix of automated and manual processes that enable us to quickly and efficiently extract and transform your content to the format you need to drive your business. We support all input data formats, including attributes and product descriptions from virtually all sources such as hard copy, Excel/CSV files, PDF and so on…then classify, de-dupe and normalize it, readying the content in any output format you require for easy ingestion into your system(s). If required, we can also add in missing information and data to aid with searchability.