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Content Sustainment for the Ongoing Health of Your Content

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The DCL Content Sustainment Platform

Our Content Sustainment Platform allows clients working with DCL to run content against both analysis using the Harmonizer ™ module, and then specific configured quality check processes. These automated checks ensure content quality and verify that specifications and best practices have been followed. DCL brings expertise in analyzing your documents, providing compliance audits, remediating, and assures you a smooth process that meets all your schedules.

A typical project includes:

  • Working with you to conduct an initial content analysis with Harmonizer
  • Review and define a set of quality standards to run your content against
  • Easily automate the feeding of your content through a sustainment process and presenting the results through an easy to use UI


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Performing checks improves accuracy

Once configured for your schemas and business rules, the platform performs numerous checks such as:

  • Detection of potential Applicability
  • Detection of typos and inconsistencies
  • Content Tagging Validity Checks
  • Highlight of items that are not tagged properly according to the tagging rules, such as:
    • Paragraph labels and hierarchy
    • Cross-references
    • Lists vs. steps
    • Information Modules
    • CALS table and content tables

XML document format
For the Air Force, assigning a DM code allowed the standardization of data, making sustainment of the data easier and more cost-effective than prior formats.
Photo credit: U.S. Air Force


Once the Completeness Check identifies issues, Tagging Enrichment can automatically correct the occurrences found to conform to the tagging rules. Our customized platform has a complete production control system with an easy UI for you to monitor the process and status of the content ingestion and sustainment checks, as well as the results.

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The importance of a Content Sustainment plan and process

Today there are more and more standards and regulations to meet, so assuring your content quality is vitally important. Most content is an accumulation from various sources that builds up over time. Periodic review and analysis focuses efforts on identifying and improving ongoing content quality, consistency and accuracy.

This is especially vital for metadata, indexes, references, figures, lists and tables. Most organizations conduct this type of review and analysis around large conversion projects or large systems migrations. But these systems lack the ability to perform regular QA check-ups as content changes and grows over time, and in many cases, critical content spans systems and repositories. That’s why a plan and process for ongoing Content Sustainment is so critical. With an ongoing process in place, content can continuously be run against complex business rules and quality checks to ensure you are always delivering the very best content.

The main benefits of having a Content Sustainment process

  • Drive increased content consistency and accuracy
  • Lower content maintenance costs
  • Ensure maximum content discoverability

The challenges implementing a Content Sustainment process

  • In most organizations content has come from many sources and can lack consistency
  • Content grows over time and quality issues arise from many sources, including:
    • Transferred text
    • Tables
    • Math & Special Characters
    • Incorrect hierarchy
    • Irrelevant, missed or incorrect Cross-References
    • Tagging structure completeness
    • Out of date/incorrect metadata
    • Redundant content
    • Typos in data
    • Content tagging validity
    • Improper alert tagging and placement
    • Numerous technical writers working on the same data

For many organizations, any regular efforts to review content quality are usually manual projects and the resources are scarce. This has been the most significant barrier – the perception of a lack of easy automated tools to assist content experts and owners to make this a cost-effective part of their ongoing operation, sustaining the health of their content. DCL's Content Sustainment Platform can help with this process.

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