ASTM International logo, Testimonial
"ASTM International has worked and continues to work with DCL on a number of critical projects over the past several years. DCL brings an innovative approach to all its projects. In 2012, ASTM converted its over 12,000 industry standards to XML from SGML. There is no room for error in standards. ASTM engaged DCL to verify the accuracy of the conversion. DCL instituted an automated proofreading routine that was significantly more accurate than traditional proofreading. Additionally, for any corrections that needed to be made, DCL made the corrections within the ASTM content management system. Bottom line is that DCL is a high quality partner in the work that ASTM does in providing world class technical information to industry, government, and academia. ASTM congratulates DCL on its first 35 years of providing best-in-class information management and publishing services."
Julie Sabo
Director, Graphic Design, Digital Output and Production Services