Data Sheets

Looking for more information on DCL’s services and solutions? Download the data sheets below and see the DCL difference.

DCL has vast experience working with the military and aerospace industries. DCL’s work includes document conversion with independent audit, analysis and review of conversion processes and documents. This includes checking for inventory, accuracy and textual accuracy along with recommendations for improvement.
Scientific, Technical and Medical publishers hold a treasure trove of knowledge within their publications. Scholarly journals, professional periodicals, conference proceedings, leading textbooks and references, and citation databases all support your mission to make that knowledge available.
Conversion Management
DCL's professional conversion management team assigned according to industry vertical and DTD based on their individual expertise will support you at any point in the process for the best and most accurate results possible.
Data & Document Conversion
Maximizing DCL’s proven, proprietary methodology and 35+ years of in-house experience, we convert every type of information to virtually any target structured or unstructured format including custom and highly specialized DTDs and schemas.
Businesses increasingly look to DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) as a way to organize and leverage current and future content. It makes strategic and financial sense to automate content management using XML across the enterprise, but it can be a daunting challenge unless you have the right partner.
Finance & Banking
DCL partners with the financial services industry to identify, organize, and ingest content from all sources. We harness leading-edge technology in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to help enable solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Harmonizer™ 2.0
Harmonizer™ 2.0 replaces a labor-intensive manual process typically done using spreadsheets, yellow highlighter markers and sticky notes to identify potentially reusable content. The new software incorporates new functionality that facilitates the automated analysis of larger data collections with more varied document types, provides for more flexible and sophisticated analytics, and more.
Library & Archival Digitization
Expert Library and Archival Digitization Services for Collections, Records and Repositories. In-depth experience with NLM/JATS, HighWire, METS/ALTO, Prism and More.
Life Sciences
DCL experts offer comprehensive SPL conversion including prescription drugs, OTC products, veterinary medicine, homeopathic products, and bulk ingredients. With a hybrid approach that ensures your project is planned effectively and efficiently, DCL provides you with consulting and project management services for current or planned internal capabilities, including mentoring your internal team throughout the project development.
S1000D Conversion Services
The business advantages of moving to S1000D structured content are considerable. S1000D promotes content sharing among all stakeholders by providing a common standard across the military, its supply chains, and the aerospace and industrial sectors. With the end goal firmly in mind, DCL helps make the right decisions and construct a plan for success.
Web Scraping Service
DCL’s State-of-the-Art White Hat Web Scraping service provides organizations with the deepest level of sustained intelligent content harvesting available. DCL’s unique approach provides a full end-to-end solution to the most complex needs to harvest content from target sites and deliver intelligent information to its clients in both machine-ingestible formats and human-readable formats tailored to specific requirements.