DCL/Discovery Services

The Challenge of Getting Discovered

Many professional societies and associations are finding that libraries and other consumers of their content are having difficulty locating relevant documents (standards, journal articles, books, book chapters, etc.) primarily due to the complex, varying requirements of the many Discovery and/or Abstracting and Indexing services.

Each of the Discovery vendors have their own specific requirements for content delivery. Some want customized metadata feeds, some ask for different formats, and others require specific fields. There could be even more variables! You can see how this could become quite unmanageable when you are dealing with 10 or 15 different Discovery vendors.

DCL Discovery Services

The Solution

DCL Discovery Bridge. Our experts work on your behalf to:

  • Transform your content, with all the metadata that comes with it, and create a super-set of metadata
  • Coordinate with each Discovery vendor to identify their best practices, special needs, and preferred formats for receiving data
  • Create Discovery vendor-specific metadata feeds – to guarantee that each vendor receives the data the way they need it
  • Expert QA and delivery

DCL’s mission is to bridge the gaps between our content publishing clients and the Discovery vendors they use. The results: Our clients get their content expertly transformed, and the Discovery vendors have a smooth, rapid process in getting your content into their feeds. It’s a win-win.

Contact DCL today for expert help in making your content more discoverable.