DCL/Ebook Conversion Services for Publishers

Including EPUB & EPUB3, Fixed Layout, MOBI for Kindle, HTML5

eReaders are not only valuable to those of us interested in reading books electronically, but to virtually any business that wants to create more efficiency and mobility throughout the organization. An increased number of eReaders are being created to handle this new phenomenon. While most require EPUB or MOBI (Kindle) format, a variety of styles and enhancements require expert conversion of standard data to render properly.

As the mobile marketplace continues to expand and create new opportunities in technology, DCL continues to adapt to these changes to develop and produce the best eBook conversions possible.

DCL specializes in working with complex materials providing uncompromised quality 100% of the time!

Typical Document Types:

  • Manuscripts
  • Novels and Non-fiction
  • Children's Books
  • Enhanced eBooks
  • Textbooks
  • Journals
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Periodicals
  • Yearbooks
  • Reference Books
  • Cookbooks
  • Research and other documents
  • Technical and other manuals


  • Extensive experience with complex materials including equations, tables, chemical formulae, poetry, Q&A
  • Conversion of documents to any standardized or proprietary format including XML, SGML, MathML PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, Fixed Layout, HTML5 and MOBI for Kindle
  • Conversion from paper, PDF, and electronic sources
  • Simultaneous conversion to multiple XML targets & multiple eBook formats
  • Conversion directly to an eBook format or initially to XML such as NLM, DITA, DOCBOOK, and then converted to EPUB and MOBI
  • DCL provides conversion services to HTML5 which enables content to be viewable on supported mobile devices using the iOS and Android OS
  • Tagging is performed at the content level providing more efficient integration
  • Conversions include internal and external references
  • Support both back-file and ongoing conversions
  • Capacity for high bulk volume conversions
  • Experienced in most foreign languages including Latin-based and double-byte characters