DCL/Quality Assurance, Editorial & Composition Services

Quality Assurance, Composition, Copy Editing, Proofreading, Indexing & More

Automated conversion software can improve the quality as one format is transformed to another, whether the project is typical or more unique, such as incredibly high page counts and from very unusual materials. But automation alone rarely provides an error-free conversion. DCL’s Editorial Services will ensure the delivery of excellence in the final conversion, every time.

Traditional editorial procedures such as copyediting, proof-reading and indexing are rigorously applied to digital formats, pre- and post- conversion, to review every character, correct any structural and formatting errors, and style documents as needed. DCL is experienced with a variety of online publishing packages, DTDs and online industry publishing standards. We work closely with our clients to meet every requirement. Our editorial solutions are available as bundled packages or a-la-carte.

DCL’s Editorial Services include:

  • Composition: DCL provides composition services for publishing to PDF or HTML and we can support any source or target DTD. For those clients who prefer a more hands-on approach, DCL also offers composition software in XSLT and other languages.
  • Editorial: Copyediting, proofreading and indexing performed by DCL’s highly trained editorial team skilled in correcting validation errors to maintain superior quality control. In addition, we review converted materials and correct structural and formatting problems that may impact final publication.
  • Quality Assurance: Stand-alone assurance service providing independent reviews of converted results or to provide oversight for a do-it-yourself (in-house) or outsourced project. Can be performed pre-conversion to catch errors early in the process or post-conversion to ensure no errors appear in the in the final product. DCL performs independent QA services for organizations such as ASTM, IEEE, NIH and more.