DCL/EPUB On Demand for Self-Published Authors

One-Book-at-a-Time eBook Conversion Service for Self-Published Authors & Small Publishers, From Print, Word or PDF

EPUB On Demand is an online submission portal that allows authors, publishers, and other users who have simple or low-volume conversion projects to save time and money.

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  • Skip the hassle of phone inquiries and consultations
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All projects will undergo DCL's state-of-the-art conversion process, be reviewed through DCL's time-tested QC process, and delivered error-free, with 99.99% accuracy guaranteed.

Standard service includes:

  • Choice of multiple formats
  • Images captured as JPEG at 72DPI
  • Tables captured as images
  • Math captured as images
  • Internal links tagged (ie: "See Figure 1" or "Refer to Chapter 8")
  • Index tagged and linked
  • Websites and email addresses tagged and linked
  • Additional options including fixed layout available upon request

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