DCL/eSerials Content for LOC Deposit

In Compliance with the US Copyright Office & Library of Congress (LOC) Mandatory Deposit Demands

DCL’s Technology, Infrastructure & Workflow are Adaptable to Support the High-Volume Standardization Requirements to Meet These Demands. Since February 2010, the U.S. Copyright Office has exercised its legal authority under U.S. copyright law (17 USC 407) to issue mandatory deposit demand for files and associated metadata of electronic serials (journals, periodicals) which are published online only, to be added to the Library of Congress (LOC) collections.

The goal of the Library is to settle on a small number of standardized structural formats to maximize the ability for itself and similar institutions to preserve digital content for current and future researchers. This effort is vital to the Library’s ability to expand and maintain its collections since more and more journals are being published solely in digital formats.

DCL has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Library of Congress (LOC) to act as an agent for deposit of eSerials on behalf of publishers to fulfill mandatory deposit demands and deposits in support of copyright registration at the U.S. Copyright Office and Library of Congress.

DCL is the first agent to be selected for this critical initiative and has begun efforts in this regard. This five-year agreement with DCL is part of the LOC’s expanding efforts to acquire digital content and meet the growing research demand for e-publications.

DCL has met all of the Library’s specifications including extensive expertise with the PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) specification for institutional repositories, commercial publishers and association publishers. The JATS specification is the NISO standard that incorporates the NLM DTD 3.0 for journals and manuscripts. DCL also supports ongoing and back-file conversion to the NLM book DTD.

DCL is also positioned to act as an agent for deposit in the future for additional digital formats such as ebooks.

DCL’s services for the LOC include:

  • Facilitating the process of depositing eSerials with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Assuring compliance and acceptability of eSerials
  • Providing conversion services as needed to convert documents to LOC-preferred formats, including JATS NLM & others