DCL/Content Reuse Assesment & Cleanup Software

Providing Data Analysis, Cleanup & Harmonization of Redundant Content

It has been found that most document collections contain more than 50% redundancy. That means organizations are maintaining twice as much content as they need to – at twice the expense. This also indicates that updating the same content multiple times and potentially through multiple divisions expends precious resources, time, and money. This practice risks excessive errors occurring during the reinvention of previously written text. Since most organizations are looking to streamline their content management process, erasing the concern of managing redundant content needs to be at the forefront.

Introducing Harmonizer™, DCL’s proprietary software solution, that can process and analyze thousands of pages at a time to identify and eliminate redundant content in document collections at multiple levels of match including exact, similar and dissimilar granules. DCL also offers the option to resolve and correct document variations. Harmonizer™ can update files and insert conditional information, then produce files suitable for direct loading to a Content Management System (CMS) or an Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM). Our assessment produces automatically in minutes what would take weeks or months to complete with a manual process.

See the benefits of Harmonizer™:

  • Determine reuse potential for ROI calculation
  • Harmonize content (reduce "near duplicate" content) to provide consistent information throughout a document set
  • Clean up typographical errors
  • Implement reuse which reduces size of data set, reduces conversion costs, reduces translation costs, and improves efficiency of updating information
  • Metrics on reuse potential in document set
  • Increased efficiency in updating information in the future