DCL/Preservation & Conversion of Archival Materials

In-Depth Experience with NLM, HighWire, METS/ALTO, PRISM & More

Bridge the gap between antiquated processes and the latest technology with DCL’s library digitization services for records, collections, and repositories. DCL can help libraries and other institutions preserve valuable collections as well as reduce costs, save space and improve service by employing centralized databases, online services, mobile apps, and other specialized electronic enhancements. DCL is adept at working with archival and unique projects including special handling techniques required for rare fragile documents.

We are attuned to the special requirements central to sensitive conversions, and adapt our capabilities to fit each project's requirements including performing services onsite in the case of rare and highly valuable collections. We work closely with each institution to develop the correct methodology to produce extremely accurate and easily-accessible database files that will best serve its individual community and the institutional world at large.

DCL has in-depth expertise with most of the DTDs and schemas used for scholarly literature including NLM, HighWire, METS/ALTO, and PRISM, as well as many variations and custom adaptations. We convert from paper, microform, CD, or electronic formats to deliver fully-tagged and searchable files in conformance with a wide variety of standard DTDs, including XML, HTML, TEI-Lite, or proprietary specifications. DCL offers expertise in creating images (TIFF, jpeg, PDFs, etc.) and cleaning up and resizing existing ones. We also are skilled in the creation and extraction of metadata, and we produce MARC records quickly and economically.

Our expertise includes:

  • Libraries — Public, academic, corporate governmental, research, and special library collections and repositories
  • Museums — Archives, libraries, special collections, and records-keeping
  • Universities — Archives, libraries, databases, student records, bookkeeping, and curriculum management

Notable projects include those performed for the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution among others.

The digital archiving options faced by today's institutions are numerous, varied, and complex. DCL addresses these challenges backed by more than three decades of experience. DCL provides the highest quality standard in the industry, delivering projects with an accuracy rate as high as 99.997%.