DCL/Pubmed Central NLM JATS and Bookshelf Conversions

Largest Provider of Journal, Manuscript & Book Conversions to NIH's PubMed Central NLM JATS DTD & Bookshelf XML

DCL specializes in the conversion of documents to the PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) specification for institutional repositories, commercial publishers and association publishers. The JATS specification includes NLM XML for journals and manuscripts as well as Bookshelf XML for books.

DCL provides conversion of back-files on ongoing projects.

Having documents stored in a single format will be advantageous regardless of your policy. Paid Access, Public Access or Open Access. While documents can be maintained in a number of formats, several other organizations with institutional repositories, have selected XML as their target format. DCL supports conversion services to all formats such as XML, XBRL, EPUB, MOBI and more.

  • DCL converts more than 3000 author manuscripts per month for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • DCL provides QA and reporting services for other XML submissions to ensure adherence to the NLM DTD
  • DCL is the sole vendor to NIH for conversion of books to the NIH Bookshelf DTD
  • DCL has converted more than a million pages to NLM XML for Highwire Press
  • DCL provides journal conversion to the NIH NLM DTD for publishers in more than 30 countries worldwide
  • DCL is a member of the NIH Technical Advisory Board
NLM Related Services
  • DCL Composer: Enables a two-column rendering of manuscripts and journal articles from NLM XML
  • LinkOut Support: Enables publishers to link their PubMed deposited materials back to their own websites resulting in increased web traffic
  • NLM XML Training: Training for organizations desiring to produce NLM XML in-house or to perform QA on NLM XML files. Service provided on-site or via webinars.
  • PubMed Upload: DCL will upload files to PubMed Central or other repository