DCL/Customer Experience and Product Instructions, Part 1

Customer Experience and Product Instructions (Part 1)

By Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant

At this point, most products that do the same thing do the same thing. For example, most cell phones do the same stuff. Most cell phone companies do the same stuff. Most products are commodities, in that they all do the same stuff.

So how do we as business people differentiate our products? How do we make the case that dealing with us is better than dealing with our competition?

Customer Experience

This is where the rather new field of customer experience comes in. From the Customer Experience Professionals site (of which I’m a member): “Our members are individuals who develop, manage, optimize, and envision how organizations interact with their customers.”

The experience a customer has with a company – how easy or hard it is to interact with a company across all touch points – is the differentiator for most companies, given that products are generally commodities. And that’s what customer experience looks at.

Touch points include:

  • getting a human on the phone
  • using the website
  • solving issues
  • using the product(s)
  • understanding letters or other communication from the company
  • understanding the product line(s)
  • and so much more

All these customer touch points are potentially fraught with poor experiences. And poor experiences make it easier for customers to go to the competition where they may get a better experience. They may not, but they will leave because of a poor experience with your company.

Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant

Sharon Burton is a Content Strategy Consultant.