DCL/Customer Experience and Product Instructions, Part 3

Customer Experience and Product Instructions: Part 3 - Content Needs

By Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant

So far in this series of articles, I’ve covered some business/customer experience basics, like what is customer experience and customer churn, and the value of customers and the pyramid of customer experience.

This article is focused on that pyramid and on another, related, pyramid a very smart person blogged about the other day.

Content Needs

Sarah O’Keefe over at Scriptorium blogged about a proposed hierarchy of content needs. Her point is that there are levels of content needs that your customers have and these needs are foundational to any content strategy. View her picture of the content needs and expectations of your customers.

At the bottom is Available, in that the customer must have access to the content. For example, delivering one copy of a user guide and no online help for an enterprise product makes the instructions to use the product unavailable (because the manual always gets locked away with the source discs).

But she also wisely covers PDFs that are unsearchable, for example. While the content may be in the 300 page PDF you provide online, if the content isn’t searchable, then your users can’t find the information. It might as well be locked away.

Moving up to the top of the pyramid, we reach Intelligent content. Sarah cleverly says:

Intelligent content might include content that is personalized, [such as] interactive service manuals, the ability to filter information based on my needs, and more.

Customer experience needs

The customer experience world has a similar pyramid about meeting the experience needs of your customers.

Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant

Sharon Burton is a Content Strategy Consultant.