DCL/Customer Experience and Product Instructions, Part 6

Customer Experience and Product Instructions: Part 6 - Customer Touchpoints

By Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant

In previous articles, I’ve talked about some business/customer experience basics, like what is customer experience and customer churn, and the value of customers and the pyramid of customer experience. I’ve covered the Customer Experience pyramid and the Content pyramid, and the cost of customer support centers as they impact the Customer Experience, and the expense of product returns and how it impacts the customer experience.

In this article, I cover my thoughts about customer touchpoints and how they impact the Customer Experience.

Customer Touchpoints

Mapping the customer touchpoints your customers have with your company can typically expose the places where they are getting stuck or you can help the experience. These touchpoint maps are often big diagrams – and they should be – and then can burrow into each touchpoint.

I’m thinking about customer touchpoints and product instructions. I’m also thinking about attended and unattended touchpoints. I’m defining these touchpoints as follows:

  • Attended: We can monitor what the customer is doing/how they are interacting with us and have the opportunity to guide that touchpoint experience. Attended touchpoints let us guide the customer through the touchpoint and help to get a pleasant experience for the customer. This is typically through a sales call or a support call. We or the customer reaches out and makes that person to person connection.
  • Unattended: We can’t monitor to know what the customer is doing and we have no way to guide that touchpoint experience should it go poorly. Unattended touchpoints are places where we have no control over the customer experience to a great extent. We don’t know how or what the customer is doing with the experience – how it’s managed, how they feel, if we are meeting their needs.

In unattended touchpoints, we often throw something over the wall and hope for the best. We may have some insight into what will help the customer but we have little control over those experiences.

Unattended touchpoints should scare you.

Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant

Sharon Burton is a Content Strategy Consultant.