DCL/Customer Experience and Product Instructions, Part 7

Customer Experience and Product Instructions: Part 7 - Customer Journey

By Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant

In previous articles, I covered some business/customer experience basics, such as customer experience and customer churn, and the value of customers and the pyramid of customer experience. I looked at the Customer Experience pyramid and the Content pyramid, the cost of customer support centers as they impact the Customer Experience, and the expense of product returns, and customer touchpoints and how they impact the Customer Experience.

In this article, I’m covering Customer Journey maps and how they impact product instructions.

Customer Journey

The Customer Journey is the end to end experience your customer has with you. It’s all the steps a customer goes through during their interactions with you. Sometimes these graphs/charts are large and cover all the interactions and sometimes they are smaller, more focused on certain areas.

Customer journey maps are always from the point of view of the customer, not from your point of view. And typically, they’re from the point of view of one or more of your customer personas.

Most companies are not a good choice to do the map for themselves, because they “know” how it’s supposed to work and forget that it may not work that way at all. It’s important to map out what the actual experience is, not what we “know” the experience is.

What a customer journey map can expose are places where your company is not doing a good job managing the customer experience, especially in touchpoints. After you expose these areas, you can start improving, by fixing processes, removing obstacles, or training staff. Or many other things.

There are also a lot of ways to represent a customer journey map. I prefer a grid that includes motivations and barriers so I can understand where we’re frustrating our customer and what the goal is for them.

Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant

Sharon Burton is a Content Strategy Consultant.