DCL/The urgent need for enterprise AI governance

The urgent need for enterprise AI governance – and where to start

by Mary K. Pratt for TechTarget's SearchCIO


C-suite shapes governance as AI activities evolve

Data Conversion Laboratory Inc. (DCL), which organizes, converts and moves content for its client organizations, has adopted a broad array of AI capabilities, including natural language processing, in the past several years, said CIO Tammy Bilitzky. At the same time, DCL "has been evolving its policies and procedures to ensure appropriate governance of all AI activities, directed by a formal governance board that includes senior management leadership."

Tammy Bilitzky, Chief Information Officer, DCL
Tammy Bilitzky

Bilitzky said, as CIO, she and the company coordinate the AI governance program with participation from the CEO, COO and AI development managers, and in collaboration with the heads of key business units.

The objective, she said, "is to oversee all AI activities in the firm and ensure standard oversight of the AI program as a technology effort, with the added focus on aspects unique to the thriving expansion of AI and its potential impact on other facets within our organization."

DCL's rigorous AI governance program touches on vision and roadmaps, prioritization of activities, resourcing and training, intellectual property, return on investment, accountability, privacy and security, and adaptability.


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