DCL/2nd Annual Life Sciences Content Challenges Survey

The 2nd Annual Content Challenges in Life Sciences and Healthcare Survey

2015 Survey Results

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The Rockley Group (TRG) and Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) surveyed life sciences and healthcare professionals about the changing requirements for creating, managing, and delivering content. Here's how these trends are affecting business today and how the respondents anticipate that those requirements will affect business decisions in the next few years.

The 2nd Annual Challenges of Creating and Managing Content in Life Sciences and Healthcare Survey

What area of life sciences or healthcare does your organization fit into?

What type of content do you create/manage?

Who primarily creates content in your organization?

Does your organization have a content strategy in place?

Where do the greatest costs lie in managing your content today?

What specific issues currently affect your organization's content?

How does your organization currently reuse content?

How would you like to reuse your content (Opportunities)?

How does your organization currently create its content?

What tools do you have currently in place?