DCL/DCL and Bowker 2017 Digital Publishing Survey

DCL and Bowker 2017 Digital Publishing Survey: Infographic

Survey Results

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Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) and Bowker asked about your digital publishing plans for 2018. As the demand increases for materials of all types to be available on mobile devices, publishers and authors are challenged with providing a quality eBook experience while managing costs and standards. That’s why we put together this survey to help us better understand your publishing goals and better serve your needs. The survey asked specific questions about your thoughts on digital publishing, including the conversion and distribution process. This is our 4th Annual Digital Publishing Survey.

2017 Digital Publishing Survey


I am a...


Have you published your book(s) digitally in the past? Do you plan to publish digitally in 2018?


If so, what kind of eBook(s) do you plan to publish?


How have you previously distributed your book(s)?


What eReader(s) do you plan to convert for/have you previously converted for?


What formats do you plan to convert to/have you converted to?


What aspect of digital conversion are you most concerned about?


How important do you think editing and copyediting are for eBooks?


How would you rate the quality of most eBooks you have read? In your opinion, does quality affect eBook sales?


How are you most likely to ensure your content is error-free?


How are you most likely to convert your content?


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