DCL/DCL and CIDM 2015 Trends Survey

DCL-CIDM Trends Survey 2015: Infographic

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The complexity of delivering content continues to increase exponentially as more outlets become available to our consumers. Many organizations are faced with deciphering how the trends impact their businesses and what to do about them considering the rapidly changing digital marketplace. DCL and The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) explored these issues with our third annual survey. Here's what you shared with us about how the changing requirements for delivery are affecting your business today, and how you anticipate those requirements will affect your business decisions in the next few years.

Following the Trends – Is Your Content Ready? 2015 Survey

What is your role in the organization?

What industry do you work in?

What type of content do you develop today?

What are the tools you use today to create content?

In what formats do you publish your content today?

How do you plan to publish your content in two to three years?

2015 Trends Survey, Question 7 and 8

2015 Trends Survey, Question 9 and 10

Are your competitors ahead of you in the type and quality of content they publish electronically?

What are the shortcomings of publishing your content as it exists today?

What types of content delivery are your customers asking you to provide?

What are the three greatest impediments to publishing your content in ways that will better meet customer needs?

What business requirements are driving your move to new delivery mechanisms?

If you are planning to move to new delivery mechanisms, what are you planning to do?

What do you need to ensure that you can change how you deliver content?