DCL/DCL and CIDM 2018 Trends Survey

DCL-CIDM Trends Survey 2018: Infographic

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Consumers have more avenues than ever before to find the content they need. Are you trying to decipher how content trends are impacting your business? Do you need to respond to a rapidly changing digital marketplace? Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) and the Center for Information Development Management (CIDM) asked for your input. Here’s what you told us about the ways in which changing content development and delivery requirements are affecting your business today. Learn how others in the information-development community responded.

(At the beginning of the questionnaire, respondents were given the note: “When answering the survey, ‘you’ refers to you personally and/or your writing team; it does not refer to your whole company.”)


The 2018 Following the Trends – Is Your Content Ready? Survey


What type of content do you develop today?


What are the tools you use today to create content?


If you are using an XML editor, which one?


How are you managing your content files?


If you are using a component Content Management System (cCMS), which one?


In what formats do you publish your content today?


How do you deliver your content today?


If you are using a dynamic delivery system, which one?


What is your mobile device strategy?


How do you use social media?


What social media platforms do you use?


Are customers able to contribute content to your information website or portal?


How do you expect your content strategy to change in the next two to three years?


What percentage of your content do you plan to publish in electronic form (not in PDF) by the end of 2018?


What formats do you plan to use in two to three years?


How do you plan to deliver your content in two to three years?


What business requirements are driving your move to new delivery mechanisms?


What are the shortcomings of your content as it exists today?


What types of content delivery are your customers asking you to provide?


Is your content ready to support your future plans?


If you answered 'No' to the previous question, what barriers are you facing?


If you are planning to move to new delivery mechanisms, what are you planning to do?


If you plan to convert legacy content, what challenges do you anticipate?


What must be in place before you can implement your future plans?


What is your role in your organization?


What industry do you work in?