DCL/Education and Training Content Survey

2014 Educational and Training Content Trends Survey: Infographic

Survey Results

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Professionals who create and deliver training and educational content for both business and public sector organizations face a number of challenges in today’s content-driven marketplace: lack of resources to maintain content, reduced time to market, and the analytics to measure effectiveness. These are the findings of the 2014 Educational and Training Content Trends Survey, conducted jointly by Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), DITA Strategies and Lasselle-Ramsay, leading providers of content development, conversion and strategy services.

Educational Survey

Please classify your company.

What audience does your company training address?

What is your greatest challenge in developing and delivering training content today?

How is training content developed and maintained in your organization?; Does your training include assessments?

If Yes, what level do you track the assessment?; If Yes, do the assessments result in certification?

Is training in your organization a profit center?; What percentage of your training is available on-demand?

How do you measure the effectiveness of your training courses?

Which organizations are responsible for preparing training materials?

What types of materials do you create?

In what format do you create the materials?

By what method do you deliver the materials?

Is your content delivered through a Learning Management System (LMS)?; On what devices is this training delivered?; Is the content translated?