Content Digitization: 0 to 50 in 16 Months

Content Digitization: 0 to 50 in 16 Months

Content Digitization: 0 to 50 in 16 Months

Fortune 100 technology firm improves time-to-market, throughput and reuse with DCL


When your team is part of a global technology company with a sterling reputation for delivering outstanding products and services, and the corporate focus shifts to becoming green, in part through making content mobile, a digitization strategy that scales to a global level is an imperative. In the case of this Fortune 100 technology company, global content management processes accommodated hundreds of new product introductions scheduled for release each year, with each requiring at least six months to create customer-friendly training and documentation. The source content, from internal documents used by trainers and other personnel is created by engineers from around the world.

At the same time, the company’s certification program was expanding, using a traditional instructor-led, document-based training approach. Implementing an enterprise learning management system (LMS) would reduce the printed materials involved in the certification program. But starting from zero digitized learning content meant reviewing and revising the entire approach to developing that content in the traditional print-centric model. Because that could provide huge costs savings from production, as well as shipping and customs costs, a strategy for getting to green and mobile started to take form.

How to get from Zero digital content to global and mobile

The company’s content architecture team performed a test run on a subset of its existing content. In doing so, the team discovered that the effort to digitize the content for a single new product introduction was so complex that outside expertise was the only feasible alternative to thousands of hours of experimenting, testing and reworking. They turned to DCL to help analyze their content environment, normalize the mountains of data, and automate conversion and quality control processes to handle the scale of activity they required.

Solving the global quality challenges with the right combination of automation and process improvements

DCL worked with the company’s content teams to examine the source materials for new product content – PowerPoint files and accompanying audio recordings, created by the engineering teams that work on the products. They determined that the best way to normalize this material was to provide consistent, high-quality content which could be converted to XML and so be made available for a variety of outputs. DCL built out a sophisticated quality assurance (QA) software tool and processes that leverages the business rules of an enterprise style guide to transcribe and move the content into a structured consistent format.

As the new product content production processes ramped up, DCL turned to the challenge of digitizing the company’s learning content. DCL analyzed the company’s implementation of the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) solution and provided the means to integrate the QA software tool with manual copy editing. DCL then consulted with the content creation teams to support the move to XML-based authoring, ensuring consistency of structure going forward. This whole-system approach to content means looking at the client’s entire system, to anticipate issues and develop workarounds that would have hobbled the company’s progress had they been left on their own.

A six-fold increase in throughput and zero to 50 online courses in 16 months

The initial results of the ongoing collaboration between this global leader and DCL speak for themselves:

  • Improved time to market for new product introductions by 66% and increased the throughput so significantly that, rather than preparing between 12 and 20 each year, their capacity increased to 78 introductions in the first year.
  • Streamlined both the conversion of learning content to XML and the upload process to the LCMS, allowing the company to move 50 courses to the LMS in just 16 months. And that offers a larger global audience to access the certification material even in more remote locations with poor infrastructure.

The company’s content architect in charge of the digitization initiatives says, “With DCL’s help we have successfully moved a variety of materials to the digital realm, so that we offer the right content to the right device at the right time for our customers. DCL has helped us become more efficient at leveraging new product information and getting that to our customers.”

Transform your content digitization by partnering with DCL

DCL works with organizations of all sizes across numerous industries to digitize complex content so that it can be leveraged to support business objectives. Legacy content varies tremendously in structure and format, and organizations need efficient ways to normalize this data. At the same time, DCL offers more than high-quality data conversion. DCL engages with clients as partners to create tools and processes that transform, futurize and monetize content creation and management and maximize the value of content as an asset. Contact us today to find out how we can help you unlock the value of your content.