customer experience

  • Unleash Your Content! Unlocking the value of your existing product content to create great customer experiences

    Attend this webinar, as we explore how taxonomy and content classification built on typical user scenarios provide an intelligence layer driving content as a service (CaaS).

  • Clean and Complete Metadata – A Main Ingredient to the Positive Customer Experience Recipe

    Please join Alan Porter, Content Strategist and Customer Experience Evangelist at OpenText, and Brian Trombley, DCL National Sales Director, as we discuss best practices for metadata application and how to approach cleanup of metadata gone wrong.

  • IHS Markit Transforms Customer Experience Through Content Automation

    At Quark we work with clients around the world across a variety of industries. Though each client faces unique business challenges, they all have one thing in common: Content is absolutely critical to their success. Financial services firms rely on investment research reports and fund fact sheets to build and retain clientele, pharmaceutical companies count on standard operating procedures to remain compliant with industry standards, and manufacturers must have reliable product datasheets to build and sell any given product.

  • Product Instructions: The Missing Piece of the Customer Experience

    Attend this webinar and learn more about: what your customers think about your product instructions, what good product instructions include and why and, 5 signs your product instructions are hurting the customer experience and how to fix it.

  • Trends in Developing and Publishing Content: How HTML5 and Mobile Change the Game

    Publishing your content to multiple devices creates lots of options for your users to take their content with them and experience it in any format on any device. The flourishing mobile market permanently opened the door into communication and revenue-generating opportunities that didn’t exist 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. Smartphones, tablets, and wearables such as smartwatches enable users to experience content anywhere at any time.

  • Establish Authority in the Parts Market to Expand Revenue Channels

    Manufacturers face immense pressure to increase revenue and decrease costs, but reusing the content in existing catalogs, documentation and training materials rarely springs to mind as a path to either. Frequently outdated sales materials, and the relative ease of gathering competitive information online, contribute to challenges facing manufacturers who need to stand out from the crowd and dominate their markets. Take some cues from retail channels and focus on customer experience and content strategy, and you can open up new opportunities to add to the bottom line.

  • Extract New Value from Legacy Content: A Four-Step Approach

    It’s easy to focus content conversion efforts solely on developing new materials, especially as companies recognize the need to move from print documents or PDF publishing into more dynamic, searchable HTML web and mobile outputs. But chances are your company maintains/owns years of information created and published by multiple departments, taking up space in servers, hard drives, even bookshelves. Often overlooked as sources to generate revenue and reduce overhead, legacy repositories can be treasure troves full of material that can support business goals.

  • Customer Experience and Product Instructions: Part 8 - Customer Ecosystem

    Customer touchpoints are the tip of an iceberg for your company. Touchpoints are the places where your customer interacts with your company in some manner. From the customer’s point of view, these may be very shallow interactions, in that they see only what they see – such as a support rep.

  • Customer Experience and Product Instructions: Part 7 - Customer Journey

    The Customer Journey is the end to end experience your customer has with you. It’s all the steps a customer goes through during their interactions with you. Sometimes these graphs/charts are large and cover all the interactions and sometimes they are smaller, more focused on certain areas.

  • Customer Experience and Product Instructions: Part 6 - Customer Touchpoints

    In this article, I cover my thoughts about customer touchpoints and how they impact the Customer Experience.

    Mapping the customer touchpoints your customers have with your company can typically expose the places where they are getting stuck or you can help the experience. These touchpoint maps are often big diagrams – and they should be – and then can burrow into each touchpoint.