• From Past to Present

    For a long time, the corrections industry has been decidedly low-tech. Training materials for correctional officers are often available only as print documents; as it turns out, many of the huge technological leaps made by the talent development field during the past few years have passed the corrections industry by. For instance, New York City Department of Corrections Officer Academy trainees would have to carry around large binders, which were unwieldy and, of course, difficult to update. APDS, whose mission is to improve correctional facilities, felt it was time to digitize its training materials.

  • American Prison Data Systems and Data Conversion Laboratory Partner to Digitize Officer Training Content For Prisons

    Fresh Meadows, NY, February 8, 2016 – A major challenge facing the corrections industry is the management and delivery of correctional officer training content. Training materials have historically been available only in print form and consequently have prevented the adoption of modern educational technology and techniques in officer training. Through a unique partnership, American Prison Data Systems (APDS) and Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) have risen to meet this challenge. The two innovative organizations have set out to do something unprecedented in the corrections industry – to make correctional officer training digital. They began in 2015 by digitizing the training content for the New York City Department of Corrections (NYC DOC) Officer Academy.