• Trends, Insights and Surprises: Digital Publishing Survey Results Revealed

    Attend this webinar, as we review the survey results that probed topics surrounding digital publishing, the conversion and distribution process, and much more.

  • Making Things Digital: How’d They Do That?

    Transforming one thing into another is the stuff of fantasy novels and magic tricks, right? Not necessarily. Once grounded in innovation, technology, process and automation, the premise of transformation is not only very real but also a proper strategy to help organizations grow and stay viable in an age when the pace of shifting needs and norms is only getting faster.

  • The Many-Headed Hydra of Branch Filtering: Rendering reused DITA topics to HTML with different filtering

    Attend this webinar as we outline the new possibilities and suggest possible responses for the Branch Filtering feature in DITA 1.3.

  • DITA, EPUB, and HTML5: An Update for 2015

    Attend this webinar and learn the current status of DITA for Publishers, including EPUB and HTML5 and the implications of new features in DITA 1.3.

  • Going the Last Mile - Delivering DITA Content to Mobile Devices

    This webinar will outline 7 tips to help technical publishers to go “the last mile” to fully leverage your DITA investment and deliver native eBooks to popular mobile device platforms.

  • Mining Gold from Legacy Content to Create New Products and Revenue Streams

    Your Challenge: Piles of paper and thousands of document files are collecting dust or taking up server space, possibly completely ignored since initial publication. Hard copy books, binders, journals, newspapers, microfilm, training materials, slides, PDFs, and more are out there and might actually contain valuable information, but in all likelihood, you’ll have a challenge trying to find them, much less make sense of the piles.

  • Industry Outlook: The Role of Digitization and Flexible Content Formats

    Industry Outlook talks with Mark Gross, President of DCL, about the importance of digitization and choosing a flexible format for storing content.

  • The Survey Says – Without XML You’re Leaving Money on the Table

    Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), and the Center for Informational Development (CIDM) asked publishers how they are developing and publishing their content in our 4th annual survey, “Following the Trends.” With close to 350 participants ranging from writers to content strategists, information architects, and publishers, the breadth of knowledge and insight was prodigious.

  • PubMed/NLM

    DCL specializes in the conversion of documents to the PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) specification for institutional repositories, commercial publishers and association publishers. The JATS specification includes NML XML for journals and manuscripts as well as Bookshelf XML for books. DCL provides conversion of back-files on ongoing projects.

  • EPUB On Demand

    EPUB On Demand is an online submission portal that allows authors, publishers, and other users who have simple or low-volume conversion projects to save time and money.