• Envisioning the Global Information Experience

    This webinar looks at key factors such as: understanding the unique value content from each function provides, the need to understand the customer’s perspective, the role of information architecture, the link between standardization and quality and the use of a common operating model to lower costs.

  • Training: A Key Component of the Global Information Experience

    View this webinar and find out how XML/DITA can be used to automate, streamline and customize training deliverables: content linked to performance and learning objectives, assessment questions mapped to content, content delivered through an LMS and, content repurposed from other functional areas.

  • Developers of Learning Content Face Uphill Battles

    In a recent survey of professionals who create and deliver training and educational content, both business and public-sector organizations point to several challenges they face in today’s content-driven marketplace: primarily, a lack of resources to maintain content,reduced time to market, and the analytics to measure effectiveness. Budget reductions can add even more headaches. Only a small percentage feel they have access to the tools that can make big differences in their overall effectiveness.

  • Providers of Learning Content Face Multiple Delivery Challenges

    Fresh Meadows, NY, Dec. 10, 2014 - Professionals who create and deliver training and educational content for both business and public sector organizations face a number of challenges in today’s content-driven marketplace: lack of resources to maintain content, reduced time to market, and the analytics to measure effectiveness. These are the findings of the 2014 Educational and Training Content Trends Survey, conducted jointly by Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), DITA Strategies and Lasselle-Ramsay, leading providers of content development, conversion and strategy services.

  • Six Ways XML/DITA Can Change Customer Support

    Customers contact technical support when they need assistance to solve a specific problem. Regardless of whether you provide support via a live telephone conversation, an online chat exchange, an email exchange or a searchable knowledgebase, you must efficiently provide accurate, complete information. Join us to learn about how XML/DITA can help you efficiently deliver the right information at the right time to the right person.

  • Share Content to Meet Your Goals

    Content is the cornerstone of the customer experience. The need to deliver quality information faster and at a lower cost is greater than ever. Customers want more content and they want it packaged in a variety of ways, including a format tailored to mobile devices.