• 6th Annual DCL-CIDM Survey Highlights Need to Better Future-Proof Content

    Fresh Meadows, NY – April 3, 2018 – In an annual content trends survey fielded by DCL and the Center for Information Development Management (CIDM), 48 percent of respondents said that their content was not ready to support their plans for the future. Last year that number was 51 percent, which is minimal progress. The survey responses make clear that content is recognized as a high-value asset for many organizations, so why then is so much of it locked in formats resistant to the level of analysis and number of delivery platforms available in today’s “big data” world?

  • What do you think of Documentation quality?

    For an information developer, quality means he reached his objective: he designed with the end-user in mind.

  • DCL Discovery Bridge

    The Challenge of Getting Discovered

    Many professional societies and associations are finding that libraries and other consumers of their content are having difficulty locating relevant documents (standards, journal articles, books, book chapters, etc.) primarily due to the complex, varying requirements of the many Discovery and/or Abstracting and Indexing services.

  • Semi-Automated Conversion Projects: Best Practices

    Many users have years or even decades of legacy materials they would like to bring into the 21st century. This could be thousands and thousands of pages of hard copy, PDF, SGML, or even XML that they need to be up to date in order to add it to their current cache of materials. It would be nice if there was a totally “lights-out” solution that would produce high quality results. Sorry to say that after working on hundreds of key projects over the years at DCL, I have learned that for the most part there is no silver bullet. That’s the “bad” news.

  • The Many-Headed Hydra of Branch Filtering: Rendering reused DITA topics to HTML with different filtering

    Attend this webinar as we outline the new possibilities and suggest possible responses for the Branch Filtering feature in DITA 1.3.

  • Information Development: Trends in the Industry 2014

    The complexity of delivering content continues to increase exponentially as more outlets become available to our consumers. Many organizations are faced with deciphering how the trends impact their businesses and what to do about them considering the rapidly changing digital marketplace. Dr. JoAnn Hackos will review the preliminary results of the survey as we discover how the changing requirements for delivery are affecting your business today and how you anticipate those requirements will affect your business decisions in the next few years.

  • Managing the Complexities of Conversion to S1000D

    If you've ever been faced with the challenges related to converting your data to XML, this webinar is for you! In addition to the basic challenges of converting data to XML, the conversion to S1000D has the complexity of Data Module Requirements List (DMRL), Applicability and other content driven tagging structures. Having a solid plan in place and identifying issues prior to conversion is imperative to the overall success of the project.

  • Coming Up to Speed with XML Authoring in Adobe FrameMaker

    Is your organization exploring tools to serve as your native XML editor? This webinar can help. The main goal of this educational session is to bring all attendees “up to speed” on how Adobe FrameMaker has evolved and to compare what its two current releases can do.

  • New Directions 2015 – Changes in Content Best Practices

    Customers are demanding better ways for finding and using content. This webinar provides valuable insights into what needs to change and how to implement those changes successfully.

  • Going the Last Mile - Delivering DITA Content to Mobile Devices

    This webinar will outline 7 tips to help technical publishers to go “the last mile” to fully leverage your DITA investment and deliver native eBooks to popular mobile device platforms.