• Fluid and Powerful: AWWA

    Technical international standards are critical to everyday life in every corner of the world. From health and safety regulations to transportation, from mechanics to agriculture, standards set requirements, specifications, and guidelines to ensure materials, products, and processes fit their purpose and are consistent across industries around the globe.

  • Lights-Out Automation with AI: Transforming Document Images to Searchable, Structured Information—2,000,000 Pages at a Time

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  • DCL and American Water Works Association Collaborate on NISO STS XML Conversion

    Fresh Meadows, NY, November 6, 2018 – DCL, an industry leader in structured data and content transformations, and The American Water Works Association (AWWA) embark on a new digital strategy for Standards content and manuals. DCL transformed AWWA’s content into the XML markup standard NISO STS to provide a platform for useful content interchange and industry interoperability.

  • Q and A with Tammy Bilitzky, part two: CIO on the importance of holistic data collection and analysis methods

    Tammy Bilitzky, the CIO of Data Conversion Laboratory, is focused on helping her company's customers organize and mine their data for insights that inform both tactical and strategic decisions. To do that, Bilitzky said she advises organizations to take a holistic view of their data. She said organizations must understand data in context, particularly as they use artificial intelligence to gain new insights, otherwise they risk using skewed results that could lead to faulty decisions.

  • Authoring Standards-Based Intelligent Content the Easy Way with Lightweight DITA

    Based on the committee note “Lightweight DITA: An Introduction,” of the three flavors of LwDITA, MDITA sort of seems to be the "runt of the litter." It looks suitable for creating a new topic, but if the topic is then edited as XML or HTML5, the topic might not then have a lossless transformation back into a Markdown editor. Is this likely to be how it works out in the long term? Will MDITA remain less expressive than XDITA and HDITA – handicapped by its being a version of Markdown? Or do you have some ideas for making MDITA as expressive as the other flavors?

  • Creating Profitable Products Based on Difference and Change

    Join us as we explore how innovative publishers are creating cost-effective new products, which show customers essential changes in publications and technical content.

  • Authoring Standards-Based Intelligent Content the Easy Way with Lightweight DITA

    Attend this webinar as we review Lightweight DITA (LwDITA) which is a proposed standard and methodology for authoring intelligent technical content.

  • Using Structured XML to Power your Learning Content

    Join us to learn how companies are using Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) as the single source to power their learning content, including leveraging learning objectives to drive personalized learning. Dawn Stevens, President of Comtech Services, and Amber Swope, President of DITA Strategies, are co-chairs of the Learning & Training OASIS subcommittee and will explain how DITA can provide the structured foundation for your learning initiatives.

  • Automate to Stay Up-to-Date: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Training Content

    Attend this webinar as we discuss the challenges in keeping your training content up to date and provide strategies to make it easier to keep content current.

  • Data Conversion Laboratory with NISO Broadens Its International Exposure on XML for Standards Publishing and Content Accessibility

    Fresh Meadows, NY – October 9, 2017 – Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) is moderating a panel on October 9th at the “XML For Standards Publishers: A NISO Live Connections Event” in Geneva, Switzerland, expanding the company’s value and expertise in Standards publishing and content accessibility.

    DCL is sponsoring and participating in the event because of the increasing importance of establishing a standard interchange approach in the publishing of Standards. The company is a leading service provider for content and data conversion, and has been instrumental in creating content for a wide variety of Standards organizations.