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2014 Webinars

Back to Basics: Getting the Content Essentials Right

First Aired: December 10, 2014

Kerry-Anne Gilowey, Content Strategy Consultant



In this webinar, we’ll consider what we might be neglecting in our rush to be exciting and trendy. We’ll explore the content essentials, and look at how an organization can manage and plan for them.

Adaptive Content, Responsive Design and Medical Information

First Aired: November 19, 2014

Charles Cooper, Vice President, The Rockley GroupCharles Cooper, Vice President, The Rockley Group



How do we create content that can be used most effectively on each: personal computers, mobile devices and smart devices (such as Google Glass, smart watches and related devices)? Responsive Design is only a start. We need Adaptive Content and Design to take advantage of the capabilities of all these devices. Attend this webinar as we explain what we need to do to make our content adaptive - both to our customers and their devices.

The Distribution Landscape: What You Need To Know

First Aired: November 12, 2014

Mark Coker, CEO, Smashwords



This Q&A webinar moderated by Laura Dawson, Bowker will cover:

  • Overall market conditions
  • Retailer health
  • New distribution models
  • Pros and cons of exclusivity
  • Amazon vs Hachette – what does this mean for authors?
  • Distribution tools that work well for authors
  • Direct or distributor?

Your Organization May Be Ready for Mobile, but Is Your Content?

First Aired: November 11, 2014

Hal Trent, Senior Consultant, Comtech Services



Delivering single sourced content to mobile devices is a promising next step for DITA, but is your content ready? View this webinar, as we review mobile best practices, present critical decision points that lead to successful or failed mobile implementations, and discuss the overall risks and rewards of delivering DITA to mobile.

DITA 1.3: What's New and Different

First Aired: November 5, 2014

Eliot Kimber, Contrext, LLC



This webinar outlines what's new in DITA 1.3, with a focus on how DITA authors can take advantage of its features that make reuse easier.

Moving Up the Knowledge Value Chain

First Aired: November 4, 2014

Joe Gelb, Founder and President,
Suite Solutions


Miryam Brand, Marcom Manager,
Suite Solutions

This webinar will review an Organization Maturity Model for Knowledge Distribution which portrays the key components of corporate knowledge -- from structure and distribution to analytics and monetization -- and what you need to perform at a world-class level.

Advantages of DITA for the Life Sciences

First Aired: October 30, 2014

Patrick Bosek, easyDITA


Howard Shatz, Project Manager, DCL

This webinar will explore the challenges, benefits and best practices of structuring your content with the DITA XML open information standard.

Best Practices for Mobile UX

First Aired: October 22, 2014

Andrew Smyk, Program Coordinator, Sheridan College



Mobile has changed the way we interact with content. As UX practitioners, we need to rethink the design paradigm for the web. Simply translating desktop designs to mobile screens is not an option. Small touch screens on smartphones, tablets, and e-readers change the way users input and interact with content. Traditional interaction elements are removed from the mobile experience, but users are now offered a new set of input methods that are not possible within the desktop environment.

Words Matter: How Your Language Affects Your Business

First Aired: September 24, 2014

PG Bartlett, SVP Product Marketing, Acrolinx



Most people know that words matter, but really, what difference do they make? The answer is: your business depends on them. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 5 key aspects of language that separate good content from great content
  • 3 surprising results one company achieved by improving its tone of voice
  • Why people choose the wrong words – and how to stop

Automating Complex High-Volume Technical Paper and Journal Article Page Composition with XML and InDesign

First Aired: September 23, 2014

Becky Fadik, SAE Business Unit Leader, Content Management


Mandy May, SAE Technical Publications and Control Specialist

In this highly educational webinar, you will learn how SAE International evolved the production cycle from a less than efficient XSL-FO based process to a highly automated process leveraging XSLT and Adobe InDesign, resulting in productivity gains and higher quality output.

Product Instructions: The Missing Piece of the Customer Experience

First Aired: September 18, 2014

Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant



View this webinar and learn more about:

  • What your customers think about your product instructions:
    • 95% of your customers are using the product instructions
    • 71% of your customers think if the instructions are confusing or incomplete, the overall quality of the product is poor
    • 71% of your customers think clear instructions means a company cares about them
  • What good product instructions include and why
  • 5 signs your product instructions are hurting the customer experience and how to fix it

Marketing, Monetizing, and Mobilizing eBooks: How Content Creators Can Maximize on the Potential of Digital Publishing

First Aired: September 17, 2014

Mercy Pilkington, CEO, Author Options



View this webinar as we look at ways for rights holders to ensure they're doing all they can to foster their books' visibility and viability in the various market places.

How to Manage Change When Moving to a Component Content Management Strategy

First Aired: September 16, 2014

JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD, President/CEO, Comtech Services


Suzanne Mescan, Director of Marketing, Vasont Systems

View this webinar as we lead you through best practices for successful change management when migrating to a component content management strategy.

Marketing & Publicity For Independent Authors: Get More Buzz For Your Book

First Aired: August 27, 2014

Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO Author Marketing Experts, Inc.


Sandra Poirier-Smith, President, Smith Publicity, Inc.

View this webinar as we cover topics such as expanding your readership, contacting media, bundling books, digital vs. print promotion, the difference between advertising and publicity, and much more. .

Clear Writing: Simple Steps to Make Your Communication Clear

First Aired: July 23, 2014

Sharon Burton, Content Strategy Consultant



View this webinar and learn specific steps and actions to make your writing clearer and convey your powerful message. You'll leave with 10 simple actions you can apply to your writing today. Your message will be clearer and easier to understand.

eBooks for Education: Using Digital in the K12 Classroom

First Aired: July 16, 2014

Mercy Pilkington, CEO, Author Options



View this webinar, as we look at some of the tools that are readily available to K12 classrooms, along with creative ideas to fund and use those tools.

Reducing Costs Through Document Automation For a More Efficient Workplace

First Aired: July 9, 2014

Ari Gross, CTO/CEO, CVISION Technologies



View this webinar and learn how to automate the processes surrounding invoices, forms, mailroom, and file classification in order to:

  • Minimize data entry
  • Digitalize paper documents into usable data faster
  • Save money through increased employee efficiency

Discover how automating your document processes can make your organization more efficient while saving money!

Marketing & Publicity For Independent Authors: Get More Buzz For Your Book

First Aired: June 30, 2014

India Amos, Managing Editor of Print and Digital Production at CN Times Books


Allan Lieberman, Special Projects Manager, DCL

Whether you are publishing in print, digital, or both, by attending this webinar you will be able to determine what choices you need to make for your book. We’ll cover:

  • Fonts – what works?
  • Paper stock, cost, and quality
  • eBook conversion
  • Print-on-Demand
  • Cover design
  • Proofing and galleys

Training: A Key Component of the Global Information Experience

First Aired: June 25, 2014

Joan Lasselle, Co-Founder and President, Lasselle-Ramsay


Amber Swope, DITA Specialist,
DITA Strategies

View this webinar and find out how XML/DITA can be used to automate, streamline and customize training deliverables:

  • Content linked to performance and learning objectives
  • Assessment questions mapped to content
  • Content delivered through an LMS
  • Content repurposed from other functional areas

Case Study: The Value of Partnership During Conversion

First Aired: June 18, 2014

Nicki L. Davis, Ph.D.



The transition from unstructured to structured content can be daunting. A good working relationship with a trusted partner can work wonders to make the process easier for the writing team and save time. On the other hand, choosing an inexperienced but seemingly inexpensive vendor can result in costly rework.

DITA and Information Architecture for Responsive Web Design

First Aired: June 12, 2014

Keith Schengili-Roberts, Senior Content Strategist, Yellow Pencil


Phil Kneer, UX Designer, Yellow Pencil

Designing effective responsive content is not just a matter of picking an HTML template and hoping for the best: you need to think about how your content will be presented, its priority to the user and how they can navigate through it. View this webinar and hear Keith Schengili-Roberts and Phil Kneer from Yellow Pencil talk about the information architecture considerations behind the creation of effective responsive design for technical content

"Sprinkle the Pixie Dust": How to Sell Your Content Management Initiative Internally

First Aired: June 11, 2014

JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD, President/CEO, Comtech Services


Suzanne Mescan, Director of Marketing, Vasont Systems

View this webinar to learn how you can "sprinkle the pixie dust" around your organization to move your content management strategy forward. Learn how to:

  • Find a champion or two
  • Navigate through the approval process
  • Align your content strategy with your organization's goals
  • Develop a proposal for a content management strategy
  • Build the estimated return on investment for your proposal

Best Practices for Enterprise Based Document Capture

First Aired: June 3, 2014

Ari Gross, CTO/CEO, CVISION Technologies



View this webinar and learn:

  • The value of converting files to PDF vs. other file formats
  • Best practices for document capture
  • How smarter document capture can improve mobile accessibility
  • How compression can generate documents faster to access and transmit while requiring less storage and bandwidth
  • Opportunities for automation beyond document conversion

Monetizing and Marketing Digital Textbooks

First Aired: May 21, 2014

Mercy Pilkington, CEO, Author Options



This webinar will look at approaches to digital textbooks consumption that are cost effective enough for the schools in order to make it feasible, while also maximizing on the effort and professional expertise involved in publication.

Good Editing is The Best Marketing

First Aired: May 15, 2014

Ann Moller, Editorial Expert, Bowker



View this webinar and learn:

  • Different types of editing
    • Developmental
    • Copy-editing/line editing
    • Fact-checking
  • The value of each of these edits to the ultimate sale of the book
    • Good editing = good marketing
    • Different editors bring different strengths, so good to go with several sets of eyes
    • Taking criticism – it’s not personal!
    • What editors do that writing groups can’t

Your Brain on XML

First Aired: May 6, 2014

Val Swisher, Founder & CEO, Content Rules



View this webinar as Content Rules’ Val Swisher guides technical writers and content managers from single-use, sequentially written copy to the “new brain” needed for reusable, repurposable content – all without resorting to a Vulcan mind-meld.

Dealing With the Input Providers

First Aired: April 30, 2014

Barry Schaeffer, Content Life-Cycle Consulting



View this webinar and learn ways to deal with providers, things to avoid, and options for getting the content you need from providers who may not view your needs as their first priority.

Envisioning the Global Information Experience

First Aired: April 23, 2014

Joan Lasselle, Co-Founder and President, Lasselle-Ramsay


Amber Swope, DITA Specialist,
DITA Strategies

This webinar looks at key factors such as understanding the unique value content from each function provides, the need to understand the customer’s perspective, the role of information architecture, the link between standardization and quality, and use of a common operating model to lower costs.

When Conditional Content Goes Wild: Why Conditional Content Profiling (Alone) is Not a Solution to Modern Content Issues

First Aired: April 17, 2014

Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting



Don't know what conditional content is? Over-using it already? Considering using it in future (in DITA or not)? Need to explain to management why they are ruining your career? Then this session is for you! It will provide you:

  • a way to clarify conditional overload to yourself and to others (especially managers!)
  • the positives and negatives to using conditions at all
  • best practices around deciding "how much is too much?"
  • a look at techniques to simplify their use

Managing the Complexities of Conversion to S1000D

First Aired: April 9, 2014

Naveh Greenberg, Director, US Defense Development, DCL



In addition to the basic challenges of converting data to XML, the conversion to S1000D has the complexity of Data Module Requirements List (DMRL), Applicability and other content driven tagging structures. Having a solid plan in place and identifying issues prior to conversion is imperative to the overall success of the project.

Information Development: Trends in the Industry 2014

First Aired: April 1, 2014

JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD,
President/CEO, Comtech Services


Dr. JoAnn Hackos will review the preliminary results of the survey as we discover how the changing requirements for delivery are affecting your business today and how you anticipate those requirements will affect your business decisions in the next few years.

Re-Branding Content During a Migration: Step 3 – Collaboration: Fun for the Whole Team!

First Aired: March 27, 2014

Marli Mesibov, Content Strategist


View this webinar as content strategist Marli Mesibov takes a look at methodologies that ease the design process and shows you how a group can truly function as a team.

Content Challenges in Life Sciences and Healthcare Survey Results

First Aired: March 3, 2014

Ann Rockley, CEO, The Rockley Group, Inc.


View this webinar as we provide insights into the challenges you face with your content based on the results of a 2014 survey conducted by The Rockley Group and DCL.

Re-Branding Content During a Migration: Step 2 – Finding Your Brand Personality

First Aired: February 20, 2014

Marli Mesibov, Content Strategist


View this webinar as content strategist Marli Mesibov reviews brands with compelling personalities, and explores content strategy tools to create and enhance brand personalities and voices.

Assuming the Risk for Your Own eBook

First Aired: February 18, 2014

Laura Dawson, Bowker


When authors self-publish, they are assuming that investment themselves. View this webinar as we share costs that new-to-publishing authors may not know to take into account as they begin investing in services to bring their books to market.

The Role of XML in an Information Society

First Aired: February 5, 2014

Barry Schaeffer, Content Life-Cycle Consulting



In today’s information world, there is a battle in progress between two opposing views of content management and use. This “data war” pits the rectangular, or database, view against the hierarchical, or XML, view. Unbeknownst to many of us, this influences virtually every decision related to the computerization of information in society, and can have a real and lasting impact on your automation and content decisions

Re-Branding Content During a Migration: Step 1 – Developing Your Story

First Aired: January 23, 2014

Marli Mesibov, Content Strategist


View this webinar as content strategist Marli Mesibov reviews brands with compelling personalities, and explores content strategy tools to create and enhance brand personalities and voices.

The Freedom to Grow: How Standards in Communication Facilitate Our Industry

First Aired: January 16, 2014

Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting



Standards – either in the XML sense or simply communication best practices – help grow, accelerate and “professionalize” an industry. Where would construction be without material standards for width and strengths, or certification for specific skills? How could we have transportation without standards for traffic and processes? Standards are what help ad-hoc processes become enterprise-class, and allow them to scale beyond our expectations.