DCL/CGM & SVG - Data Exchange Workshop

CGM & SVG - Data Exchange Workshop

David Manock | VP and Director Sales & Marketing, Larson Software Technology

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David Manock,
VP and Director Sales & Marketing,
Larson Software Technology

In March 2017, David joined Larson Software Technology as VP of Sales and Marketing. Larson has over 30 years’ experience in software development for the technical graphics market, producing, editing, conversion and viewing technologies.

David started his career at Lontec, Manchester, UK as a graduate entrant where he spent eight years in the company’s Technical Communications Department.

In the early 1990's David became the Software Business Manager at Granthams where he introduced a new software product exclusively to the UK market. IsoDraw the technical illustration software was developed by Germany based ITEDO Software Gmbh. IsoDraw now known as Arbortext IsoDraw, was adopted by the major defense and commercial industries including BAE Systems, Boeing, Thales, Jaguar and Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

In 2003, David joined the Piper Group a wholly owned subsidiary of BAE Systems. He was appointed Business Manager for the company software portfolio. The products included trilogy the Interactive Technical Manual suite now being used globally in the defense market.

David was appointed to the post of Product Marketing Manager for ITEDO Software Gmbh, Cologne, Germany in 2005 before joining BAE Systems, Samlesbury, UK. David was appointed as the trilogi Business Manager, in 2009 the role brought him to the USA. David was appointed Head of Business Development of BAE Systems AeI, Orlando. The objective, establish trilogi as a viable commercial product in the US market. The signing of a trilogi enterprise agreement for the F-35 (Joint Striker Fighter) program provided a firm market foothold.

David founded Vizualsite LLC in 2014 after leaving BAE Systems the Global Defense Contractor. David has worked in the Technical Publications industry for over 25 years. Vizualsite focused on the technical publications market providing off-the-shelf software and services.

Originally from United Kingdom, David is now based in Orlando, Florida. David is married with one daughter and one son. He lives in Winter Garden, Florida, USA.