DCL Whitepapers

Amber Swope, Whitepaper - Multi-Channel Publishing
Amber Swope, August 13, 2013
Multi-Channel Publishing for Educational Publishers with DITA
The information landscape has radically changed in the past few years and learners expectations of how they interact with content have changed with it. It is no longer enough to provide a printed book to teach a skill; learners expect to receive a... Read More
Data Conversion Laboratory, Whitepaper - Legacy Conversion
July 29, 2013
Legacy Conversion... Is It Worth the Risk?
Data is more important than it has ever been, and access to your content is critical in today’s interconnected world. Anyone must be able to access it anytime on any device. There are many ways to make it available on digital platforms, each... Read More
Data Conversion Laboratory, Whitepaper - Twelve DITA Implementations
July 29, 2013
Twelve DITA Implementations & the Lessons Learned
DITA has risen as an XML-based open standard for content management and has been widely adopted in today’s data-driven world. This whitepaper presents the results of a DCL survey of twelve companies to better understand the reality of live... Read More
Data Conversion Laboratory, Whitepaper - Can You Afford To Go It Alone
June 29, 2013
Can You Afford to Go It Alone?
In this technology-driven world, your content needs to be accessible to anyone… anywhere… at any time… on any device. But the approach to making it digitally available does not have to be one-size-fits-all. This Whitepaper will address the business... Read More